So many great ideas: where to start?


”Good ideas are put on paper, while great ideas are put in motion”. I read this quote a couple of years ago. Even though I can’t remember who the author is, the quote kept sticking in my head.

Essentially, it all starts with one single idea. And then you get another idea, and another one. And before you know it, you have a list of amazing, ground-breaking, get-rich-quick ideas. Great, so what’s next? Wait, don’t start cheering too soon. Turning those ideas into reality, that’s where it gets difficult!

It gets even more challenging when you are a perfectionist, procrastinator, lacking courage, running out of time or perhaps… all above. Like me. Similar to my  never ending to do list, I have a never ending idea list. And guess what, these lists often keep growing and growing.

However, last year I decided to break the pattern. I decided to pick my best two ideas and to start working towards them. Fentastic Designs is one of them and this is my first official blog post (yay!)

I want to encourage you to do the same.

Just have a look at your amazing, ground-breaking, get-rich-quick ideas and pick out the best two. Just two, not more. I know you are eager to pick them all, but just pick two for now and start by putting these two ideas into motion. You’ll be surprised how difficult it can be to get those two ideas up and running, but once those two ideas are in motion, the rest will follow.

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