Hello you :]

Welcome to Fentastic Designs! I’m Fenna. Or as my family, friends -and my dentist- call me: Fen.

I love being creative in my spare time and the main reason I started Fentastic Designs is to help others to be creative too! I want to inspire those who have a desire to be creative, but simply don’t know where to start. FYI: We all have to start somewhere and that is okay.

The weird thing is: ”being creative” is easier said than done. Especially when we start telling ourselves that we are not good enough, not original enough, that we don’t have enough time and that there are already enough designers out there.

Well enough with all that! This is exactly why I founded: Fentastic Designs. A platform where you can learn the basics of design, where you can grow in confidence, amaze your friend, family and professionals with your awesome designs, interact with other creatives and most importantly: where you can have fun being creative.

Psst…can you keep a secret? You will achieve this by creating your designs in PowerPoint. It doesn’t have to be difficult. Design Made Easy.


Some Fun Facts about Fen:
// 28 Autumns old
// Born in Amsterdam, Netherlands
// Currently lives in beautiful Wales, UK
// A proud ”Dutchie”. Cycling, cheese & tulips make me happy. No particular order
// Studied a bachelor degree in Communication and a master in Film Producing
// Works as freelance Web Designer alongside a day job as Project Administrator at a local charity