Online Courses


In November 2016 I launched the online course Logo Design Made Easy: Create your own logo in PowerPoint. 1000+ students enrolled within 24 hours after the launch and left some amazing reviews.
This easy-to-follow course is available on the largest online learning & teaching platform: This beginners course is filled with handy tips & tricks so you can start creating your own logo within minutes.

So why should you consider creating your logo in PowerPoint instead using designing software such as Photoshop/Illustrator?

//  Most people already know their way around Microsoft Office Programs – such as Word & PowerPoint- which means that the learning curve will be much shorter. Creating your designs in a familiar environment will help you to pick things up quickly.

//  PowerPoint is an accessible tool! The majority of people who own a laptop/computer will have PowerPoint installed on it.

//  You can start creating your own amazing designs in no-time, without having to make the initial investment of purchasing expensive designing software.

// You can achieve amazing results ”just” by using PowerPoint. I’ve been creating my designs in PowerPoint for many years now. Even up to this day many of my family, friends and colleagues still can’t believe that I create such amazing designs ”just” by using Powerpoint.

To go to the course, simply click [HERE].